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The Los Angeles Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (LASIOP) is Southern California's premier professional association for Industrial Psychologists, Consulting Psychologists, and HR Leaders to network, teach and learn, and discuss timely and relevant issues related to the field.  LASIOP was founded to benefit its members through the sharing of ideas and information about psychology as applied to work and human resources management, facilitate education and information exchange among scientists and practitioners in the applied behavioral and organizational sciences, and support the advancement of the field as a science and as a profession.

Since the beginning, we have worked to bring together professionals dedicated to applying psychology to the work place. Our members come from across Southern California and beyond to discuss current trends, research findings, and to experience the camaraderie of the LASIOP community. If you’re interested in hearing more, sign up for our mailing list!


President – Brad Schneider, Ph.D.
Vice-President – Lizzette Lima, Ph.D.
Secretary – Jason Read, Ph.D.
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